Competitive Swimming

Whenever competing at a carnival or championship event, a competitor must wear a Club Swim Cap and whenever possible wear Club apparel and Club swimwear.   Club apparel must be worn at all medal presentation ceremonies, as per Swimming NSW rules.

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How To Enter Carnivals

Carnivals are run on weekends throughout the year. These carnivals  are posted on the notice boards at the Pool for you to look at and obtain all relevant information needed to fill in your entry cards.  Please do not remove these programs from the notice boards as others may need to read them too.  You can also view all programs on our website under the calendar.  Carnival Entry Cards can be obtained from the Carnival Race Secretary, Jayne Day, or from on top of the Club carnival entry box in the foyer of the pool. When entering a carnival the entry cards are PlNK for girls and BLUE for boys.

When entering a carnival you need to know:

•   The N AME, DATE and  START time of the carnival.

•   THE EVENT NUMBER, STR0KE and AGE GR0UP of the events you wish to enter.

•   Your  PB TlMES for every event you wish to enter.

•   The  ENTRY FEE, these are charged per event you compete in.

•   Type of ENTRY CARD to be used (SlNGLE or MULTl entry card)

•    Always check the ENTRY C0NDlTl0NS – some carnivals have restrictions eg. Qualifying times have to be achieved not merely estimated.

•   Our Club Closing Date, not the carnival’s closing date.

The closing date for entries will be hand written on the program and will also be noted on our club website. 0ur closing date is always one week earlier than what is printed on the program as our Race  Secretary needs time to organise the entries  and post  them to the Carnival organisers.  STRICTLY NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

Completed entry cards are to be placed in an envelope with correct money (if paying by cheque, the cheque is to be made out to ‘Charlestown Swim Club’), with your name and the carnival name written on the front of the envelope and then placed in the Carnival Entry Box in the pool foyer or hand it to the Race Secretary on Club night.

All carnival entries must be submitted through the Club Race Secretary, except where online entries are accepted.  Where online entries are accepted, please enter directly online.  The link can be found on our website along with the carnival details.

Country, State and National swimmers have to achieve the qualifying times at a Carnival, not on Club Night.


Relay Team Selection Guidelines for Championship Meets

To be eligible for relay selection the Club Race Secretary will base their decision to select relay team members at Championship Meets (ie. Coast & Valley, Country, State Age, State Open, Australian Age and Australian Open) on the following criteria:

1) The fastest available swimmers available for selection upon closure of single entries for any given meet.
1a) Swimmers from a younger age group may be considered for relay selection in the age group above if the individual’s time is faster than existing eligible members in the higher age group, and/or there is a shortage in the upper age group of swimmers.
1b) The Race Secretary will only consider recorded times from swimming club results, and officially recorded results from the NSW Swimming database. School carnival times will not be considered for selection unless recorded on the NSW Swimming database.

2) If a swimmer wishes to be considered for relay selection and is not entered for single events, the swimmer/parents must contact the race secretary prior to closure of the single entries for that competition. Rules 1, 1a and 1b will apply upon determining selection.
2a) The only time an exception will be made is if there is not enough members to fill a team, where the race secretary may advertise for interested members who did not enter single events, or did not qualify for single events but wish to participate in the relay team.

The general philosophy is to enter the fastest available team to maximise the team’s ability to both place and achieve the highest accumulation of points possible for the overall swimming team point score. If possible, we may have an opportunity to enter a “b” team to help ensure participation for those who do not qualify for the “a” team. This is determined by interest and available numbers.


Club Sponsorship – District, Country & State

Club Members who represent Charlestown Swimming Club at various nominated still water carnivals conducted under the rules of Swimming NSW, at the discretion of the Committee and subject to membership and qualifying requirements, may be provided with Club clothing, which may include Club shirt, swimmers, swim cap or tracksuit or alternatively a Club bag or towel.

In order for members to qualify for the issue of Club apparel the following applies:

•   Twelve months continuous first claim membership, and

•   Participation in Charlestown Swim Club, Club Championships and any Carnival held by the Club, and

•   Participation at Coast & Valley qualifying Carnival.